@thatmidwesternkid abroad in Denmark.

Hi! My name is Vikram, and I am a Junior at American University. Follow along as I document my experiences in Scandinavia!

The latest from Denmark:

  • Your Guide to the Ultimate Copenhagen Wrap-up Picnic

    With our semester abroad coming to an end (sorry for the reminder…), now is definitely the time to do a netto run, grab some snacks, and head out for a semester-end picnic with flatmates, class friends, or even just yourself for the “goodbye copenhagen” coming of age moment you’ve been waiting to have! First things […]

  • Experiencing the Experiential *(course)*

    Hellooo folks, back again with another academic travel exploration blog post – today, we’ll be talking about my class trip to *Bordeaux, France*, as well as being in an experiential course here at DIS Copenhagen.  Similar to U.S. universities, DIS students also have a ‘spring break’ that allows us some time off of classes prior […]

  • On the Hour: Estonia (the field study)

    Turns out I am slightly behind on my promises of highlighting my Travel Week 2 Experiences for you all – therefore, today’s post is about a Sustainable Development (Shoutout to Silvia) field study in *Tallinn, Estonia* (cue the applause). *just a quick note: this post may or may not be me getting caught up in […]


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